Reba and Ted's Excellent Adventure

We're excited to be joined by professional athletes Rebecca Rusch and Ted King to spend an afternoon riding bikes and an evening telling stories. Rebecca is the undisputed Queen of Pain, a seven time world champion, 3 time DK200 winner and Ted has had a storied career in the ProTour peloton, riding on the biggest cycling stages in the world including the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France.

There will be a group gravel ride departing from Sunflower at 3pm that will cover about 20 miles of northeast Kansas gravel at a friendly pace. That evening we'll reconvene at Sunflower at 7pm for an evening chat with Rebecca, Ted and Dan Hughes.

This event is free and open to all. You can get more details as the event draws closer by RSVPing on Facebook.



May 13, 2016 by Andrew White

New Year, New Roads

Here's to a new year, fresh starts, and ton of bike riding!  If you're interesting in keeping track of your miles this year, join us on Strava!  There is no better resource for logging your miles, finding new routes, and new riding friends.  Best of all, it's free.  You can join the Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop Strava Club to receive info about shop rides and events, and even some special prizes along the way!   In the meantime, here we are on some of our favorite Kansas gravel roads...


January 03, 2016 by Andrew White

Strava Club!

We are happy to announce that Sunflower now has a Strava club for cyclists and runners! If you don't already have a Strava account, it is super easy (and free) to create. Head on over to to get started!
Recording your workout data is a great way to track progress, achieve goals and stay focused on fun and fitness.
Strava is a website/app that is extremely useful for recording your workouts and seeing how your friends are doing as well.

The challenge we issue is this-- if you're a cyclist, ride 100 miles a month and if you're a runner, 26 miles a month, every month, all year. There will be cool incentives along the way courtesy of Sunflower, but you gotta log the miles!

See you on the road!.... or trail... or... out there!

Sunflower Cycling Club

Sunflower Running Club


January 02, 2014 by Andrew White
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