Dirty Kanza Clinic #2: Pit Crew Pro-Tips


So you have a friend or loved one tackling the Dirty Kanza and they've talked you into pit crewing for them? ...Don't freak out! We're here for you.

This clinic will be led by the guru of gravel wrenching, Collin Earhart. Collin has pit crewed for a combined 7 DK200 victories between Rebecca Rusch and Dan Hughes. He'll share helpful insights and pro-tips on taking the very best care of your DK rider and organizing for a successful day in the Flint Hills.

Join us here at the shop on Thursday, March 24th at 7pm.  You can RSVP on the Facebook event page here.

February 12, 2016 by Andrew White

Bike Maintenance Clinics

One of the most crucial aspects of having a great bike ride is having a bike in great condition!  Our professional service department is always happy to dose out TLC to your two wheeled friend, but if you’re someone who loves to get your hands dirty, we salute you! 

We are hosting a 4 week series on bike maintenance that covers nearly every facet of keeping your bike in tip-top shape.  These Thursday evening courses can be taken individually ($25 a piece) or as a complete series ($80 for all).  All classes will be led by our Service Department Manager, Grady Underwood.  Clinics will run every Thursday at 6pm from February 18th through March 10th. 


Shifting, Feb. 18th

In the Shifting Clinic you will learn how to assess and adjust the gears of your bike.  We’ll cover all types of shifters, from road to trigger and grip shifters. 


Brakes, Feb. 25th

The Brake Clinic will educate you on adjusting your bike’s braking system to have confident, controlled stopping power.  We’ll cover rim brakes and disc brakes, and answer any questions you may have.


Bearings, March 3rd

An often overlooked, but crucial, topic in bike maintenance.  Your bike’s bearings (headset, hubs, bottom bracket) need adjustments to work properly and dramatically increase longevity.


Wheels, March 10th

The Wheel Clinic will cover basic concepts of keeping your wheels straight, true and rolling well for years to come!



We would appreciate if you call, email or stop by the shop to sign-up for the clinics.  You are welcome to take any single clinic, but those who take all clinics will receive a $25 discount!  Drop-ins are also welcome.  RSVP on Facebook here (not required but helpful to spread the word!)

Phone us: 785-843-5000

Email us: sunfloweroutdoorandbike@gmail.com



Your maintenance guru, Grady Underwood. 

February 08, 2016 by Andrew White

Your Bike Needs Love!

After a mild December the bitter cold of January is cutting especially deep.  Riding in below freezing temperatures is rewarding, but it comes with challenges-- namely being willing to freeze your butt off.  Understandably, this may not be everyone's cup of tea.  

Chances are, your bike sees more time on the rack than the road this time of year.  Don't let this downtime go to waste!  Deep winter is the perfect time for a tune-up.  Like any quality machine, a bike needs regular maintenance to perform optimally.  This goes for hardcore racers and casual weekend riders alike.  If your bike isn't feeling the love, you won't be feeling the love.  Grinding bearings, skipping chains, and lousy brakes don't add up to a fun time.  

During January our service department has a special offer to treat your two-wheeled companion.  With every "All The Finer Things" tune-up we'll include a full cable and housing replacement... that's an $80 value!  A fresh set of cables equals crisp shifting and confident braking for that first beautiful day of spring-- which will be here before you know it.

If you have any questions about tuning up your bike, don't hesitate to drop in.  We do free estimates on the spot.  We'll identify exactly what your bike needs to be in tip-top shape while you wait.  Feel free to call (785-843-5000) and speak with our service professionals any time you have questions!  


January 12, 2016 by Andrew White