Staff Gear Picks: Dan Hughes

As customers browse our shelves for the perfect piece of gear to equip their next adventure they often ask, "Well, what do you use?"  This is your chance to find out!



"Recently I’ve really been digging my Revolt headlamp from Black Diamond. I wear it out on the trail as well as around the house and the thing I like most about it is its ability to be recharged via USB. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a headlamp only to find that its batteries are dead. Not an issue with the Revolt and should you find yourself nowhere near a USB power source, it’ll run just fine on alkaline batteries as well. 130 lumens on high, low light, and red light outputs…it’s a complete package!"

-Dan Hughes


March 03, 2016 by Andrew White

12 Days of Christmas: Roadtrippers

Ah, the road.  An asphalt gateway to adventure.  But, car space is always limited. Making good gear choices makes the trip that much sweeter.

Today we bring to you the top gift ideas for that roadtrippin' friend that's always lookin' for the end of that long, white line.  We have all of these options (and many, many more) right here in the shop.  Stop by and we can help you select the perfect gift! 


Sea To Summit Traveling Light Zip Pouch with Bottles, $20

These little bottles can hold the maximum liquid carry-on with durable, reusable, see-through zippered pouch.  These make packing any trip a little more bearable.  



Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Travel Pillow, $25

This little savior transforms from a rectangle to a horseshoe pillow, perfect for the plane or relaxing in a hammock.  It's insanely soft and can be packed away easily.  Very clutch for any traveler. 


GSI JavaPress 50oz, $40

Big, lightweight, shatterproof french press for outdoor coffee.  The exterior insulation keeps it piping hot for the whole crew.



Kammock Roo, $100

This is probably the highest quality hammock we’ve seen so far.  500 lb. weight limit with climbing-rated carabiners and slings.  This is a great first hammock, or a solid upgrade for a camper that's wearing theirs out.


Eagle Creek Deviate 60L, $235

If your road-tripper needs something really special, this is it. This pack has an excellent internal frame, with removable daypack (that's awesome!) and lockable panel loading.


If you're not seeing exactly what you need, fear not.  We have gift certificates!  Click below to select the amount and we'll ship it out!  You can also purchase them by phone or in the store.

December 14, 2015 by Andrew White

An Interview with Jane and Trevor Johannsen

We're to have Jane and Trevor coming into the shop next week to speak about their recent completion of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Head over to our blog to read a short interview with the couple-- just a taste of what's to come!


Follow this link to our blog, The Sunflower Pedals.

October 02, 2014 by Andrew White

Tales From The Trail with Jane and Trevor Johannsen


Former Sunflower employee Jane Johannsen and her husband Trevor will share their story of completing the total 2,663 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in a challenging situation.  After recieving good and bad news from home in the same day midway through their hike, they decided to lighten their load, and turn up the pace.  Jane and Trevor will also be giving advice and tips to hikers, campers and explorers and answering questions as well.

September 30, 2014 by Andrew White