Bikes of Sunflower: Nick's Stumpjumper Elite 29er

"My bike is a 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite 29er.  This is my favorite bike I've ever owned and my favorite to ride.  Let me tell you why.  


A few of years ago in 2011 I pulled my old bicycle out of my parent’s garage one day.  This bike had not been ridden since I was in middle school or sometime around then.  I had just moved in with my best friend and he and I had talked about biking on the trails near where we lived.  So I went and got my bike from my parent’s house and fixed it up, thus beginning the journey, unsuspectingly, to where I am now. Not but a year later I had met and became friends with several other riders in my hometown.  I had discovered new places to ride and started riding at night time with a group of people— something I had never done before.  Fast forward another year and I had started to work at a local coffee shop.  It is here I met a couple of folks who rode so much and loved to mountain bike. These people really sparked me into getting a new bike. The bike I was riding was too small and a rigid frame from 1992, and here it was 2014.  Not to say the bike wasn’t cool and all its old school 26er glory, but it was no longer working for me.  The first bike I bought was a used 2000 Stumpjumper hard-tail.  It was still a 26er but it fit and that changed everything.  I rode that bike for the entire summer and fall season.  One of those original guys who really got me stoked had just purchased a new bike and it was a  Stumpjumper FSR.  He let me ride out on the trails a few times and I was just hooked.  So last spring I made the plunge.  I purchased a brand new bike for the first time ever in my life; A Stumperjumper FSR Elite.


The first time I ever got on that bike was just a mind blower and I knew I was going to enjoy the hell out of it. It was a jewel.  Since I have owned this bike I have taken a job in a bike store , Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop, and I have learned so much more about my bike.  Every little thing I learn about my bike just makes me cherish it more.  It is what makes my experience out on the trails the best it could be.  It handles everything from fast, flowing single track to technical rock gardens and more.  I will probably never let this bike go.  It is one of those bikes where you become so attached to it nothing can separate you. The specs on it are amazing. The look of the bike is awesome, and it eats up whatever surface I am on.  It's my bike."