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Gorgeous scenery, little traffic. Isn't that what we all want out of a bike ride? We comb Google Maps for the tiniest, windiest and least traveled roads, because that's the good stuff. And you should join us.

Racing, fitness and exercise, relaxation, back packing to the lake-- the possibilities are endless for gravel riding. Don't let the possibilities be daunting though because we are here to help. Join us for a clinic that will cover all the facets of grinding gravel. Equipment choices, bike styles, preparation and planning and racing knowledge will all be covered. First timers and seasoned racers alike will take away a more in-depth knowledge of the sport. And you Dirty Kanza racers should pay special attention-- Dan Hughes will be freshly back from DK200 Training Camp and he'll be sharing insider nuggets of knowledge about the 2015 Dirty Kanza.


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March 23, 2015 by Andrew White

Dirty Kanza 1,000 Mile Club Award

Registration for the 2015 Dirty Kanza 200 opens tomorrow (Saturday, January 10) and we are already so excited!  The great folks over at DK do an amazing job with that race, as evidenced by the amount of new riders they draw from all over the country and by the amount of riders that return to the event year after year.  Well wouldn't it be great to give an extra pat on the back to those loons that return for 200 miles of flint hills gravel time and time again?  We thought so.  Here's Dan Hughes explaining how the 1,000 Mile Club award came to be...

"Finishing even a single Dirty Kanza as a solo rider takes preparation, fitness, mental fortitude, and probably a little bit of luck. Anyone that’s crossed the finish line on Commercial St. knows the joy of having accomplished something special. And the honor of holding aloft the coveted Finisher’s pint glass is something to be savored for perpetuity in my book. Sadly my children don’t see it the same way. If you were to glance in our cupboard at the Hughes house, you would see nary a one Dirty Kanza pint glass. Despite repeated efforts to get them to use other, non-essential, pieces of glassware, my brood insists on using the DK glasses. And things happen…they get broken (all of them).

This got me thinking: there should be an award for those that have finished multiple Kanzas. A substantial award that commemorates the effort of crossing the line not once, but FIVE times (truthfully, we could have picked any number, but 5x200 for 1,000 miles of Kanza gravel was a nice round number). Said award would be beefy to resist breakage and voluminous enough to hold copious amounts of whatever drink you use to forget the pain of a Dirty Kanza…so you can come back for more (for me it takes way more than a pint).

So with all that in mind, I’m proud to announce a new award that will debut during the tenth anniversary of the Dirty Kanza. Any solo rider that completes five (5) Dirty Kanzas, regardless of finishing place (you have to appear on the official results obviously) will receive an extremely limited edition 32oz Weiss Goblet decorated with artwork from former Hallmark artist (and grandpa to my kids) Jim Smith. Winners will be honored onstage during the awards breakfast on Sunday morning. In the first year of the award, we’ll be playing some catch-up with folks that have already achieved this milestone (I’m looking at you Corey Godfrey, Joe Fox, John Mathias, Tim Ek, Matt Gersib, Matt Wills, Peter Goode, and Gerald Hart). Add in those that have 4 now and could have 5 next year, and it could be a little crowded on the stage this first time but it should be a good group. A good group of folks that have repeatedly demonstrated the necessary elements to complete a Kanza AND the lack of sense to keep coming back for more!"
January 08, 2015 by Andrew White

Sunflower in the S-Works Catalog!

We are honored, humbled and beyond stoked to be included in the 2015 Specialized S-Works catalog!  Within the sleek pages of this years book you'll find the likeness of Sunflower's own Dan Hughes in photos made by Andy White.  We would say more, but the pages really speak for themselves...  Here's a glimpse for now.  We'll have these available in the shop in the coming weeks.


 If you’d like to see the rest Andy White’s Dirty Kanza 200 photo album check out the flickr album.


November 14, 2014 by Andrew White