12 Days: Dads

Last, but certainly not least, we salute all the dads out there!  His closet is probably already packed full of ties, so here are some suggestions of what pop would love.

Sunflower Embroidered Chino Hat, $20

This is popular with the fathery types.  Classic fit, soft chino fabric, and brass buckle fastener in the back.

Sunflower Stanley Insulated Pint, $25
These things are insane.  It's made by Stanley, and those folks know a thing or two about insulation.  Ideal for tailgating, camping or just couching!

Free State Brewery Cycling Jersey, $80
We're so lucky to have such an awesome brewery in this town!  Fly the flag proud when you're on the bike with this handsome jersey.  

Not what you need?  DON'T STRESS!  We have gift certificates, and they can be picked up right here in the store.  We're open 10-3pm on Christmas Eve!
December 23, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days: Moms

You haven't picked out a gift for mom yet?!  It's ok.  We're here for you.  We think she'll love these...

GSI Nesting Wine Glasses, $15

The perfect solution when you wanna get your wine on, but don't want the hassle of glass or the waste of plastic.  The stems unscrew and nest in the cup, too! 


Prana E.C.O Yoga Mat, $48

Every now and then you need to switch out the yoga mat.  They can get kinda funky.  These mats from Prana feel great.  Also, Prana is one of the most eco-friendly companies you'll ever find.


Fjallraven Totepack No. 2, $200

This is a fancy bag that functions as good as it looks!  The Totepack No. 2 can be worn as a backpack, an over-the-shoulder purse, or as a handbag.  The leather bottom looks great, and will last for ages.


If you're still not seeing the exact present that your mom needs, go with a gift certificate! She's probably had her eye on something here, but was too busy shopping for you to get it ;) You can get a gift certificate right here in the store!

December 21, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days: Waterbugs

Winter is hard on waterbugs.  This time of year you can often find them staring longingly out the window, daydreaming about the warm waters of summer.  You can brighten their winter though! Here are a few things to get the paddler on your list out of their winter funk!
Sea to Summit Dry Bags, $20 and up
The adventurer can never have too many dry bags!  They come in all shapes and sizes for all the goods you need to keep moisture free.
Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump, $20
Because when you need to pump some water, you want to get it done fast!
Harmony Kickback PFD, $80
The perfect personal floatation device for the kayaker in your life!  Notice the lower back isn't covered, which makes sitting against the backrest a kayak much more comfortable. 


Perception Jetty 9, $500

This combo pack from Perception is the perfect way to get started with a stand up paddle board.  We've got them for adults and children also.

If you're still not seeing exactly what you need we can fix that!  A Sunflower gift certificate never fails!  You can purchase a gift certificate by phone, on our webstore, or right here in the store!

December 21, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days: Grandparents

Don't forget to treat grandma and grandpa this Christmas.  They are holiday pros and have received a lot of presents in their day.  Some good-- some not so good.  Don't rely on another year of a bag of hot chocolate in a mug... unless you're sneaking a bottle of bourbon in there too.
Smartwool socks, ~$20
Probably the most giftable items in our entire store.  Everyone, and we mean everyone, will love a pair of these life changing socks.  Especially your grandpa and grandma-- grandparents are sock connoisseurs.  They know the good stuff.



Acorn Slipper Socks, $50

The name says it all, folks!  Beautiful, warm wool uppers with a leather sole for extreme comfort and excellent grip. 



Benchmade Knives, $100 and up

You know who appreciates a good pocket knife?  Grandpa does. 


Not what your grandparents need?  No problem!  You can pick up a Sunflower gift certificate right here in the store!

December 19, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days of Christmas: College Students

Next up in our 12 Days of Christmas gift guide are the bright, young innovators of the future!  Bookworms by day, tequila worms by night-- college students bring a lot vibrance to this wonderful community.  We've grabbed some solid options that have been popular with the college crowd. 
Sunflower Pom-Beanie, $19
Everybody loves these things, but the college kids really dig 'em.  Perfect for chilly morning walks to class-- or cross country skiing.  Whatever!
Klean Kanteen 20oz Insulated Thermos, $35
The benefits of coffee are truly learned during the college years.  Klean Kanteen thermoses keep the java hot all day. Or all night long.
The North Face Jester Backpack, $65
With a 26 liter capacity and a sleeve for laptops up to 15", this bag can take you from class, to lunch, to the gym with ease.
Patagonia Re-tool Snap-T, $120
Loved by college students nation wide, this fleece pullover from Patagonia is a classic. We have them in a ton of sizes and colors.
If you're still not seeing what you need please drop by the shop and chat!  You can also order a gift certificate to be shipped out immediately.  Gift certificates can also be purchased in-store.
December 16, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days of Christmas: Riders

Cyclists can be a finicky breed.  There are so many options, trinkets and accoutrement that nailing down a gift is tough.  If you're not quite sure what the rider on your list needs, look no further.  Here are some great gift ideas from Sunflower's head honcho, Dan Hughes.


On the bike nutrition, $2.00 and up

Everybody eats.  The more you ride-- the more you have to eat!  These various nutritional items make perfect stocking stuffers for runners and riders of all kinds.

Light and Motion Vis 180, $45

"Vis" stands for visibility.  The number one rule of bike safety is STAY VISIBLE.  Every single bike should be equipped with great lights.  It's worth it.

Specialized Airnet, $150

The perfect mix of modern and retro. This brand new, stylish helmet is on all of our staff's wish lists.

Garmin Edge 20, $130

All riders love to watch the miles tick away.  Even short daily commutes add up to huge numbers.  Nobody does GPS as good as Garmin.  


If you're not seeing exactly what you need, we recommend coming in to chat with us! We can get you set up with the perfect gift for the rider in your life.  Or, you can always get the trusty gift certificate... it'll never let you down!  Click below to choose your amount and we'll ship it right out.


December 15, 2015 by Andrew White

12 Days of Christmas: Roadtrippers

Ah, the road.  An asphalt gateway to adventure.  But, car space is always limited. Making good gear choices makes the trip that much sweeter.

Today we bring to you the top gift ideas for that roadtrippin' friend that's always lookin' for the end of that long, white line.  We have all of these options (and many, many more) right here in the shop.  Stop by and we can help you select the perfect gift! 


Sea To Summit Traveling Light Zip Pouch with Bottles, $20

These little bottles can hold the maximum liquid carry-on with durable, reusable, see-through zippered pouch.  These make packing any trip a little more bearable.  



Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Travel Pillow, $25

This little savior transforms from a rectangle to a horseshoe pillow, perfect for the plane or relaxing in a hammock.  It's insanely soft and can be packed away easily.  Very clutch for any traveler. 


GSI JavaPress 50oz, $40

Big, lightweight, shatterproof french press for outdoor coffee.  The exterior insulation keeps it piping hot for the whole crew.



Kammock Roo, $100

This is probably the highest quality hammock we’ve seen so far.  500 lb. weight limit with climbing-rated carabiners and slings.  This is a great first hammock, or a solid upgrade for a camper that's wearing theirs out.


Eagle Creek Deviate 60L, $235

If your road-tripper needs something really special, this is it. This pack has an excellent internal frame, with removable daypack (that's awesome!) and lockable panel loading.


If you're not seeing exactly what you need, fear not.  We have gift certificates!  Click below to select the amount and we'll ship it out!  You can also purchase them by phone or in the store.

December 14, 2015 by Andrew White