Important News About Banff!

Here's all you need to know about Banff this year!

First...we have FOUR SHOWS this year. We're adding a Saturday matinee that will be a "greatest hits/family friendly" showing. 23 unique films over the course of the four shows, consume them in any way you choose!


Secondly...we're doing VIP SEATING this year for roughly 1/3 of the seats. All the seats in the lower balcony will be reserved. General admission tickets will be a couple bucks more this year and VIP seating tickets will be a little bit on top of that but fun fact: even the reserved seating ticket prices are amongst the lowest in all the Banff World Tour...hooray Midwest costs of living! This means you don't have to stand in line before the doors open if you don't want to, so here are the HERE for VIP seating and we'll hold your seats for you. You don't get to pick them as they are first-come-first-served for the entire lower balcony...and there's not a bad seat in that area. Then come pick up your tickets two weeks before the show. VIP seating is new ground for us, but will be a much-asked-for improvement. Please bear with us as we get you all taken care of. FYI, this is the map we'll be working from and we'll be filling from the center up and out from lowest to highest (if that makes sense):

That's all for now! See you at this year's amazing films!



August 08, 2019 by Dan Hughes
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