Staff Gear Picks: Hannah Tell

As customers browse our shelves for the perfect piece of gear to equip their next adventure they often ask, "Well, what do you use?"  This is your chance to find out!


"Gloves are among the smaller cycling accessories that can make a big difference in comfort—on a long ride, especially—but they're not something I want to spend a ton of time researching or testing out. They just need to work, and if they look cool too, even better. These do both. The Grail has simpler padding in it; just one central gel pad that fills the void in the palm of your hand to equalize pressure and improve circulation while you ride. I prefer this design over my older gloves which have more pads in various places around the palm, mostly because the pad in the Grail is always in the right place—no moving around or getting squished out of place. The pad is also fairly low profile, keeping my hands in close contact with the handlebar which helps me maintain control.  Most often I'm riding on gravel or the road on my Crux, which has a drop handlebar, but my hands stay just as comfortable on a flat bar mountain bike out on the trail.


There is no velcro strap at the base of the glove, only stretchy elastic to help get them on and off and keep them snug while I ride. Without a velcro strap, I don't have to worry about them getting stuck to other clothes in the wash, pulling threads on the sleeves of my base layer, or scratching my wrists—all slight annoyances that I've had with previous gloves. The material is soft all over the glove, but for wiping a runny nose over and over on a fall or spring ride, the "Microwipe" surface over the thumb is the most comfortable material I've ever had on a glove. I noticed the difference immediately. Sometimes, it's the little things."   -Hannah Tell


You can follow Hannah on her riding adventures on Instagram and Strava.

April 04, 2016 by Andrew White
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