Your Bike Needs Love!

After a mild December the bitter cold of January is cutting especially deep.  Riding in below freezing temperatures is rewarding, but it comes with challenges-- namely being willing to freeze your butt off.  Understandably, this may not be everyone's cup of tea.  

Chances are, your bike sees more time on the rack than the road this time of year.  Don't let this downtime go to waste!  Deep winter is the perfect time for a tune-up.  Like any quality machine, a bike needs regular maintenance to perform optimally.  This goes for hardcore racers and casual weekend riders alike.  If your bike isn't feeling the love, you won't be feeling the love.  Grinding bearings, skipping chains, and lousy brakes don't add up to a fun time.  

During January our service department has a special offer to treat your two-wheeled companion.  With every "All The Finer Things" tune-up we'll include a full cable and housing replacement... that's an $80 value!  A fresh set of cables equals crisp shifting and confident braking for that first beautiful day of spring-- which will be here before you know it.

If you have any questions about tuning up your bike, don't hesitate to drop in.  We do free estimates on the spot.  We'll identify exactly what your bike needs to be in tip-top shape while you wait.  Feel free to call (785-843-5000) and speak with our service professionals any time you have questions!  


January 12, 2016 by Andrew White
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