12 Days: Grandparents

Don't forget to treat grandma and grandpa this Christmas.  They are holiday pros and have received a lot of presents in their day.  Some good-- some not so good.  Don't rely on another year of a bag of hot chocolate in a mug... unless you're sneaking a bottle of bourbon in there too.
Smartwool socks, ~$20
Probably the most giftable items in our entire store.  Everyone, and we mean everyone, will love a pair of these life changing socks.  Especially your grandpa and grandma-- grandparents are sock connoisseurs.  They know the good stuff.



Acorn Slipper Socks, $50

The name says it all, folks!  Beautiful, warm wool uppers with a leather sole for extreme comfort and excellent grip. 



Benchmade Knives, $100 and up

You know who appreciates a good pocket knife?  Grandpa does. 


Not what your grandparents need?  No problem!  You can pick up a Sunflower gift certificate right here in the store!

December 19, 2015 by Andrew White
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