12 Days of Christmas: KIDS!

There is no shortage of gift ideas for kids out there.  Options abound, and they will definitely tell you exactly what they want.  We put together the cutest little things we had around the shop, just in case you need some ideas! 


Sunflower kid's shirts, $13
We've got a variety of shirts for the youngin's out there. Onsies, long-sleeves and even t-shirts with Darth Vader riding a bike.  What kid isn't going to get behind that?!

Patagonia Baby Puff Mitts, $39
Maybe the cutest thing that ever existed.  Baby mittens. 
The North Face Recon Squash backpack, $55
Perfect size for kids, and rugged enough to take all the abuse they can dish out.  
Specialized Hotwalk, $175
This is the best way for kiddos to get on two wheels.  Perfect for young kids to learn balance and how to steer with confidence before they have the coordination or strength to pedal! 
If you're still not seeing the exactly what you need, fear not!  Sunflower gift certificates never fail, and they can be purchased in-store, by phone, or by clicking the link below!
December 17, 2015 by Andrew White
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