Runner's Clinic and Training on the Trail Clinic



We're ready for spring running weather!  To usher in (hopefully) warmer days and to springboard into training we are having some running clinics!  The good folks at TherapyWorks will be hosting a Runner's Clinic that we are excited to be a part of on Saturday, February 28th.  We'll be available to answer any questions you may have about trail running...  shoes, techniques, benefits, etc.  TherapyWorks will also be offering free running gait analysis and so much more!

The very next day (Sunday, March 1st) we'll be hosting a trail running clinic at the Lawrence Nature Trail at 3:00pm.   Our in house trail running guru, Dan Kuhlman will be leading the event.  As a former running coach, and current trail running fanatic, Dan K. is an awesome resource for all things trail. He'll be sharing info specifically geared toward maximizing training benefits for trail runners, but anyone interested in running is wholly welcome.  The short loops of trail at the Lawrence Nature Trail (near the intersection of Peterson and Folks Road) will be perfect for the clinic, offering multiple points to regroup and learn. Bring some questions, bring some water, and have fun!

We hope you can join us for both events, find more info in the Facebook Event links below:

Runner's Clinic at TherapyWorks

Training on the Trail  


February 15, 2015 by Dan Hughes
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