An Interview With Lindsay Sherman

We are absolutely stoked to have Trek demo driver and IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) certified coach, Lindsay is heading up our Trek demo and Ladies Mountain Bike Skills Clinic today.  Lindsay spends an enormous amount of her time behind a steering wheel or handlebar so that we can all get out and have a blast on the latest and greatest from Trek so we're happy she was able to find time to answer a few questions we shot her way.  


Being a demo driver for Trek sounds like it would be a great gig, how long have you been doing it?
I've been working for Trek since 2007 where I started as an intern in the women's marketing department. 
You probably have to cover a huge territory, where are the best spots to ride that don't seem to get much publicity? 
I have a lot of places I love to ride, both on the road and in the dirt. I love the road riding in Tennessee and the farm roads of Wisconsin. There are great trails in every state but for the Midwest territory I love Brown county, Indiana, Copper Harbor, MI, and of coarse my home trail in Winona, MN.
The bike industry has really come a long way with products and bikes for ladies.  WSD products from Trek have been extremely popular at Sunflower, what sets Trek WSD products apart from others?
The products are designed with passion and respect for women cyclists. They not only look great but they ride great for the specific needs of our female riders.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing ladies who are new to cycling? 
In the seven years I have been with Trek and the women's program I have found that the biggest challenge women have is finding a balance between family and time for themselves. With all of the group rides and family events that are growing women can add the two together. If you head over to a local mountain bike race you will see families racing, kids and all. 
What is your most indispensable piece of Trek gear?  Other than your bikes, of course.
I love our Bontrager women's race bibs. They are so comfortable and sleek that I make sure to always have a clean pair. I also love our Mountain bike shoes they fit so well with a slightly larger toe box than what you will find on the men's shoe.
If you were planning your dream cycling vacation, where would you go, and what bike are you taking?
I would absolutely love to go and ride part of the Tour. I have never been to France and would love to ride the mountains on my Domane.
And last, but certainly not least, what is your favorite post ride brew?
I usually drink whatever beer is in the cooler at the end of the ride. In the summer I love Leinenkugel's summer shandy.   
Once again, we'd like to thank Lindsay for taking the time to answer our questions, and of course, unload a bunch or great bikes to ride.  The Trek Demo Day and Ladies Skills Clinic are happening today at the Lawrence River Trails, so if you'd like more info please pop over to our facebook events page for more info.  See you out there!
April 27, 2014 by Andrew White
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