Online Shopping Up and Running!

Well, it's finally here, folks!  


We may have been a little behind the times on this one, but we're glad we made the leap.  Seeing customers in the store and interacting one-on-one is obviously what we thrive on, and what has led to 41 years of business at the Sunflower, but maybe there is something to this whole "internet" thing.  Sunflower fans at all corners of the map can now shop just like they were down on Mass St... well, sort of anyway.

There will be many more products in the web-store in the coming days.  You may notice we are missing some things here and there, but rest assured, they are being printed up presently!  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and if you have any issues, comments, or questions feel free to email us at, or give us a ring here in the shop at 785-843-5000.


November 18, 2013 by Andrew White
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